Sunday, July 12, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Left brain, right brain"

Life is change. The NY Sun failed, although the site lives as an occasional post and for the Out&About blog. These days I rarely go to Little Green Footballs except to check link and news feeds, I visit Drudge a small fraction of when I did a few years ago. Will PJM survive? We should anticipate what the left could do to destroy alternate voices and prepare to meet the attacks. I still think our biggest threats are Moby type extremists, either real or false agent provacateurs designed to discredit us.

Media companies, NBC CBS, ABC, Fox, are essentially aggregators of independent observers and sub-contractors. Their state sponsored rivals, PBS, BBC, Al-Jazeera are not far behind. This is a return to an 18th century model of information distribution. The border between the blogosphere and traditional reportage will continue to blur. Will accurate and honest reporting by correspondents like Yon and Totten prove economically sustainable? Foundations and NGOs sponsor much of the research or reportage that produces content and I expect that trend to continue. Currently most of those entities are left of center. The old practice of the author having a Patron that the work was dedicated to may need reviving. BTW is everyone aware that Al-Jazeera has found an American outlet? It is PBS, surprise!, as al-J provides much of the content for Martin Savitch’s show, “World Focus.”

Left brain? Right brain? I prefer Pinky and The Brain.

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