Saturday, July 04, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Northern surprise"

Having listened to Ms Palin's speech a few points come to mind.
BTW, I once met her briefly.
1) Letterman should find a hole to crawl into. The Lady is angry and
     she is telling her supporters to be also.
2) She is an attacker, she carries the ball through the enemy, she
     gets in their OODA loop. She knows how.
3) Wretchard is correct about the pillars of the economy and more
     being ready to fall. Palin could exploit that opening.

The concern I have is that we are in the position of expecting Obama to permit a crash to happen that would give Palin an opening. That is like the commentators who confidently expect Obama to permit al-Qaeda to set of a nuke in the U.S. just because he "hates Jews and Whitey," even though he knows that will empower his enemies. The problem with such visions are many but consider first that they are purely reactive. People both claim a dee suspicion of armchair psychoanalysis as a left wing indulgence and pseudo-science while at the same time claiming that their analysis of Obama justifies relying on him to make suicidal mistakes.

What if this is considered by Obama and his sponsors? They have shown themselves capable of sophisticated advance planning and a willingness to expend great resources to attain their goals. What if China does pony up the $3,000,000,000,000 to float Obama past the next election? On paper they would face ruin for doing so but if we assume the worst, not the best, about the intentions of China and Obama then it would make sense for them to delay the American implosion until our physical as well as financial resources have been stripped.

Also I hope that this does not become an opening for the Ron Paul movement to climb onto the Palin bandwagon. That would be bad for Ms Palin and for the conservative cause. Dr Paul's supporters, more than he is himself, are largely more toxic then Ms Palin.

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