Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Going underground"

What would you want to salvage if you were furnishing a refuge from the Apocalypse?

For the purposes of this problem assume a space large enough to hold fuel to operate lights and appliances for 6 months and supplies for 4 people for that time and additional storage of 150 cubic feet. Would you count on electronic records being sufficient? Would they be useless after? Would you be determinedly utilitarian, filling the space with the Boy Scout Handbook and Army Field Manuals? Would you include sheet music from select composers and schematics for building your own piano?

The Britannica 11th would be assured a place in my ideal bunker. Spiritual texts? The Conservative Masoretic Jewish Bible, the King James and Book of Common Prayer, the Vedas and Buddhist Sutras. The Koran after the shaking stops I can do without.

buddy larsen,
(who thought no cities have been destroyed since WW-II)
Gary Indiana.
Before the flood I dated a girl whose father was a retired Gary Cop. They were possibly the last white people left in town. The sign at the city line read “City On The Move.” Wags asked if the last one to move would please turn out the lights. A visitor from the British Social Democrats came to Chicago and I gave him a tour of Gary to show what intransigent union irrationality and racial politics can achieve. The place looked like Japan or Germany after WW-II with entire blocks in what was the downtown completely leveled.

Gary was ahead of its time. It was a sign decades ago of what could be in store for us.

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