Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Shoot the hostage"

My first reaction to Somalia is to give it back to Italy, only I like Italy.

Legally every person held in Gitmo is an unlawful combatant and that makes them Pirates. Remember when airplane hijackers were properly referred to as "Air Pirates?" A couple of days ago I was driving a car of young people for work, some college students and a law student or two. One of them was describing how his professor had assigned a book on the crimes of the Bush administration, listing all sorts of violations of international and constitutional law, especially with regard to internment. I got excited since clearly most of them believed in this and no one would dream of challenging it. My point of view was grudgingly allowed to be aired but only as an indulgence to the old guy. After all what could I know? Their oh so cool Professor said differently and I was only well better educated then him in all likelihood, with experience in things like the military including Intelligence and Interrogation as well as Law Enforcement.

I have said before the cold but true best way for the US or Israel to deflate the value of a hostage or prisoner captured by the likes of Hamas, the Taliban or AQ is to hold a state funeral for them.

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