Saturday, July 25, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Getting better"

My expectation is that the good Dr will soon receive a version of the Joe the Plumber treatment. Any parking tickets he owes will be dissected by Time magazine and the sad tails of the cat that got hit by his car and the girl who dumped him in High School will occupy the Great MInds who are interviewed by Charlie Rose.

Leo Linbeck III,
(who wrote on tort reform in Texas)
Dan Quayle touched the third rail of tort reform and became a test case for "the politics of personal destruction." The techniques used to demonize him and falsely convince most Americans that he was an idiot were a refinement on the methods used to destroy Robert Bork's nomination to the SCOTUS. The trial lawyers are the true soul of the Democratic Party. The campaign against Quayle could be seen as a precursor of the campaign against Sarah Palin. The lady should know who her enemies are.

(who pointed out that eventually we all die)
lambkins, we will live
- Pistol, Henry V

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