Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Electing God"

This plan of Rahm's brother should cross the line to meeting standards of prohibited hate speech in that it advocates discrimination and violence against protected classes. As a Federal employee he should be subject to EEO sanctions that could be brought by any effected party. State legislators should push through laws at the State level, where physicians are licensed in America, specifically stating that allocating care under any such formula, with an exception for military combat triage, would constitute malpractice. Also making clear that any person who advocates any such degradation or assault on human life may be held civilly liable. Are there no lawyers in America who can take this fight on?

Let me defend Peter Boston. In the first half of the 20th century collectivism was widely seen as ascendant. Labeled Progressivism in the United States (The Wisconsin Experiment) or Fascism in Italy (The trains ran on time) or Leninism in Russia (George B. Shaw saw the future) there was a common vision. The right versus left dispute within collectivism, as opposed to the conflict between tradition and modernism (seen as Progressive) was not dominant outside of narrow intellectual circles. Later the cataclysm of WW-II discredited right wing collectivism and revived the American concepts of Individualism and Liberty. The left spent the next 40 years creating a distinction between right and left totalitarianism to rescue the legacy of communism. They succeeded among the intellectuals and in the media just at the time that the market confirmed the failure of system they advocated.

Obamaism is a profoundly reactionary movement. It is a hodgepodge of discredited collectivist nostrums from earlier decades.

Remember a few years ago when the French went on vacation and left thousands of old people to cook to death in the attics? Thanks to Obama we will all be European sophisticates now.

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