Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"An ally of America"

This is heartbreaking. The story about the computers with preloaded results from the election that never was remains in lockdown. What does Mexico have to say about all this? Laws and Constitutions mean nothing to Obama. We are naked in the dark.

We need not the Bull Moose but the Polar Party. Symbol a Polar Bear and dedicated to the Polar Opposite of everything Obama does. Triple the Armed Forces, build another 8,000 nukes, cut social welfare, free the economy, crush our enemies. If only the Elephants were Polar Bears.

Cute too.

Now that Chavez has unzipped in front of the Hondurans and said “Make my day” what can they do? The Venezuelans and America if we act as Chavez’s client and back him, have now thrown the Vienna protocols to the list of laws, conventions and constitutions tossed under the bus. Will the Hondurans bundle the Venezuelan “Diplomats” onto a plane? At what altitude will they be delivered?

Just sent the following to Foxnews:

Dear News Manager,
There is a story that USA Today gave one paragraph to two days ago that the Babalu blog has. It claims that the Hondurans found 47 computers preloaded with detailed results for the Honduran referendum that never happened. If this is a false story put out by the current Honduran government then it hurts their credibility. If the story was true then it is proof that Zelaya was planning massive fraud like what happened in Iran and the Supreme Court was right to order his removal. That would make Obama a willing dupe or partner to a criminal effort to steal an election, which would be huge. The story should be investigated and given exposure either way.

Barack Obama has a hack lawyer’s contempt for the law.

Tim Geithner has a hack investment banker’s contempt for money.

Michelle Obama has a hack manager’s contempt for labor.

This is a frankenstein subset of the Peter Principal.

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