Thursday, July 23, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Just a crummy bunch of towns"

(who recommended for young people the Czech cartoon, Fantastic Planet)
"Prophylactics for teenagers" sounds like a blog entry designed to generate traffic.

The test of Klotkin's theory should be the fate of Google. Will it stagnate as the Red state economies wither under Obama's assaults and they discover that no Red states means no customers and no customers means no income? Will Google drown in the breakdown of public order and loss of services caused by the implosion of the Blue state model that nurtured it? Will they have to move? If so where to, China?

California was a microcosm of the national dichotomy. They choose to eliminate the jobs in oil production, defense, and agriculture that had paid for the universities and the media markets. Even the great incubator of Liberalism the film industry was built by hard headed Republican businessmen. The growth of the fantasy that wealth could be separated from production and intellectual activities such as writing and acting were sufficient is a conceit that can be traced to the breakup of the studio system. Another unintended consequence of the anti-trust suit of 1948, see US v Paramount Pictures.

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