Sunday, July 04, 2010

Reliable Voices

(fm the BC thread "The Age of the Demon")

LotM, I feel like I descended into some high school foyer
An excellent analogy 2x4. Having been there and having absorbed criticisms of you two the high school approach to social and political forums is what we need to get America past. It is important though to consider that this is the level of emotionally based engagement in what should be political analysis we are dealing with. It can happen with people on either side of the big political divide. Just because someone says that they like Sarah Palin you cannot assume that their judgments will be either reliable or not on other matters. Now this may be seen as an iteration of a whiskey thesis or as a one off in that people do act out for personal reasons or as a datum for a larger argument of some less despairing theory regarding modern culture and education and the impact on personal values and reasoning of young people.

My biggest criticisms with whiskey were;
1. he was bad for the blog for reasons that wws and you both set forth,
2. his negativity was so relentless as to leave no room for growth or hope.

Regarding this little episode I have adjusted my Facebook "Friends" list. What voices we listen to and who we share our precious time with matters. My hope is that I remain worth your time.

Background, An intelligent but I believe insecure young woman named Stephanie, whose concerns can be determined by reading her comments on the BC, posted an inaccurate comment that I had failed to back her and had urged her to attack whiskey because of "his attitude towards" me.

My response follows;
While her physical condition is an excuse I must apologize to this community for introducing someone emotionally unstable. Those I contacted on her behalf when she was being bullied know how I put myself out for her. Given that this is someone I met at a job and why it is reasonable for most of us unlike L3 to use a nome de plume I must now be concerned for my privacy. whiskey did not cyber-bully me. His problems were as listed.
Given that I had worked with her for a few weeks last year and introduced her to the Belmont Club and had her on my Facebook, this is disturbing. As she is one of the very few people with both my RT and VT identities, this is very disturbing.

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