Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Comment on Daniel Hannan – Telegraph Blogs:
"What a relief not to have to worry ..."

What a relief not to have to worry when our prime minister goes overseas (except to Brussels, obviously) – Telegraph Blogs

The Telegraph article on Cameron's stop in NY left out some useful background. Mayor Bloomberg made a show of eating hot dogs with the PM outside of Penn Station. This hearkens back to the eve of WW-II, when FDR served hot dogs to King George VI when he visited the President's country house in Hyde Park, NY.

Your enthusiasm for reducing the number of MP seats puzzles me. While I grant that fewer politicians is an appealing concept there are arguments for preferring increasing the number of districts. Nothing is less democratic than large gerrymandered districts designed to protect incumbents while disenfranchising as many as possible by either dividing communities between two complex districts or subsuming them as a minority within a single oversize district.

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