Friday, July 23, 2010

Comment on CDR Salamander:
Sen. Webb (D-VA), meet ADM Rouhead (CNO-Diversity)

CDR Salamander: Sen. Webb (D-VA), meet ADM Rouhead (CNO-Diversity)

Search the armed forces for the graduates of Harvard Princeton and Yale. We have been at war for almost 10 years now and yet they are scarce in the service. Blacks, like White Catholics and Jews and Hispanics, know that, while you will face individual prejudice in the military, as an institution it is the best path up that rewards competence available to the disenfranchised. Now Democratic politicians like Webb are feeling the giant sucking sound that comes from the Obama administration failing massively by every criteria. They are desperate to disassociate themselves while protecting their flanks.

It is unfortunate that the repudiation of the EEO shell game and Affirmative Action culture will be used by a few genuine bigots. They should be rooted out by conservatives for the reason they always should be. Bigots are lousy employees and should be found and fired by any competent manager. Any Commanding Officer who needs a lawyer and an EEO officer to tell him what is happening in Deck Division berthing should be fired. Any Chief Petty Officer who does not let his XO, Department Head and Division Officer know should be fired.

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