Monday, July 26, 2010

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Faster, Please! » The Brothel Named Iran

Faster, Please! » The Brothel Named Iran

Just for grins I let myself speculate about what a functional post Khomeinist Iran might look like. The ideal to me would be a social revolution equivalent to that of Restoration England. That drew the teeth from the both Calvinist Reformation sects, Puritan or Presbyterian, that had fueled the Civil war (less so for defanging the Scots Presbyters) and also established a basis for Toleration for an non-aggressive and subservient form of Catholicism (in Great Britain if not Ireland.) The bad news for England was that it left them ill equipped to respond to subversion by future messianic faiths, such as Marxism or Islam. It seems only fair that the Islamic world should experience the same transformation that the English bought at such a bloody price 350 years ago.

Right now Iran is 98% Moslem and 90% of that is Shia, almost all Twelvers. Allegiance to the official cult is I suspect wide but shallow. What could Iran look like in 20 years if the mullahs discredited regime was cast out and a period of tolerance and free inquiry flourished?

01% Jewish
01% Tribal
02% Hindu
02% Buddhist
08% Sunni
09% Secular
10% Bahai
14% Zoroastrian
18% Christian
35% Shia (divided between 12s, 7s, 5s and Sufis)

We can dream.

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