Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Comment on Houston Chronicle:
First rig sails away over deep-water drilling ban

First rig sails away over deep-water drilling ban | Business | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle

This is easier than Health Care for the public to understand. In every Gulf State people are going to start hunting Democrats with dogs. What we need is an orchestrated message for the withering industrial heartland that drives home the Democrats Energy policy and how it kills the economy. When 20% are effectively unemployed, when houses are worth 20% less than they were 2 years ago, and when gasoline and heating fuel are going up at least 20% then people will get the point.

Right now the Democrats are counting on deflation to mask the inflationary effects of cutting off energy supplies and dumping trillions of dollars into their connected pockets. The inflow of capital seeking a safe haven from crises that incompetent governance has fostered will slow as the Chinese apply pressure to the dollar's status as a reserve currency. That has already begun.

The Republicans should run the following pictures and captions everywhere. With luck the Democrats will be so busy defending themselves in NY and MD that they will be vulnerable in places like PA and IL.

1. Senator Al Franken=Vote Fraud (photo in diaper)

2. BP=Obama Donor (photo of oil soaked bird)

3. Obama bowing to Saudi King photo (no caption needed)

4. Killing American Industry (photo of closed business)

5. Liars Cheats and Crooks - Obama Reid Pelosi Gore Soros Frank
(photo Reid Pelosi Obama)

6. 1,000+ pages unread "Deemed and Passed" = Laws Based on Lies.
     Amended Constitution and Declaration of Independence = 25 pages.

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