Saturday, July 24, 2010

Comment on "David Copperfield" Telegraph:
"Free the police and save billions"

Free the police and save billions - Telegraph

Everything the Constable says may be correct but in fairness he has only examined one independent variable, Management. There is another item to be considered, the Culture of the population being served. Edmonton may be a relatively high crime area for Canada but Canada may have a more law abiding population than England. Perhaps in a high crime part of Washington State in America the population is more like the Canadians and in Detroit the population behave more like those in parts of Manchester. Each case has to be studied. The culture of the community may have an impact. We cannot determine the answer to that a priori. It is even possible that their is synergy between these two possible causes of dysfunction. Communities predisposed to foment or tolerate criminal activity may also encourage a political culture that produces bureaucratization waste and petty corruption. That may be good news if the process is reversible, in that if the British adopt more localized and responsive policing procedures that may help shift the overall culture of the community in a more productive direction.

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