Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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Salt Lick,
(who did a brilliant whiskey parody)
You are nominated for the first annual BC Bulwer-Lytton Prize.

Obama may be on to something. Maybe we could replace Charles Bolden with Ralph Kramden at NASA and make one billion Muslims very happy by sending them to the moon.

Isn't the brilliant second iteration of Obamanomics going to be where they get to buy the construction materials for the solar plant real cheap as the collapsing economy drives down the price of materials? That should be followed by the sheer genius of the third iteration when all the loans come due and a few trillion dollars more in quantitative easing are pumped out, resulting in 20-50% inflation. $200,000 a job should be no problem when that barely covers the rent on a shack with no running water.

PA Cat,
With no more environmentally destructive and selfish home air conditioners and plasma TVs the restoration of the glory days of Democratic Party hegemony should be assured. This could result in the revival of two of the key pillars they relied upon.

First the financial and ideological support for the progressive coalition is deeply rooted in the Los Angelas based film industry. Unfortunately that industry has been in decline for decades. By taking away people's home air conditioners we will induce them to return to the large air conditioned movie theaters. This will not only restore the revenue stream that the Hollywood allies of the Democratic Party need but also facilitate the delivery of a uniform message to large groups, which just feels more socialist.

Second, men would be forced to leave their homes to watch sports games and return to the corner bar which once had the only color tv with a good picture in the neighborhood. The decline of local bar is directly tied to the decline of unionism in America and the restoration of that working class associational institution should lead to a revival of America's industrial legacy and the Social Democratic coalition that governed so effectively after WW-II. Do you know that there is not a single decent saloon filled with steelworkers in Gary Indiana? No wonder US Steel collapsed.

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