Saturday, July 17, 2010

Comment on Facebook | Mark Framness ... (or)
"The Hermeneutics of Post Rationality"

Facebook | Mark Framness Federal law states that agencies must not interfere with information requests on a person's immigration status and the immigration service MUST respond to such requests.

I am developing a theory. Left wing responses to frustration and reality can be divided into two major categories. These are termed "Spoon Banging" and "Poo Flinging." The hard part is going to be crafting a simple set of rules that will predictably assign the response in each situation into the correct category. Once we have achieved that then we be able to apply the correct response in each case.

The current issue is a determination to ignore the law and prevent anyone else from obeying the law because it impedes a desired goal, actually several desired goals. Which box should we put this in? Decisions decisions. The answer is probably somewhere in Aristotle for Idiots.

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