Friday, July 23, 2010

Comments on Two Op-Ed Articles:
Regarding Arizona - Washington Times

TANCREDO: The case for impeachment - Washington Times
The law and the facts are on Mr Tancredo's side. This does qualify as an armed invasion and Obama is in clear breach of his constitutional duty to see that the laws are enforced and the State of Arizona is protected from invasion. Most of the attacks on Mr Tancredo are simply vile personal abuse. Some of the ostensible conservative voices may be in fact "moby" trolls seeking to discredit and weaken the Republicans with calls for violence or calls not to back Republicans because they are "RINOs." My suspicion is that the "birther" story was started by Axelrod as a distraction to discredit the opposition. Obama may be unqualified as not a "Natural born" citizen because he repudiated that status by claiming foreign nationality on his student aid forms or by traveling on a foreign passport. Both could be investigated by the House after a new Republican Congress meets in January.

To be clear, while I believe that Mr Tancredo raises valid issues I do not believe in single issue politics. Also I believe that we have a large country that could benefit from immigration, as long as that is legal immigration.

HARTWELL: Obama lawsuit invites fortified state militia - Washington Times
My suspicion is that if the State of Arizona orders the National Guard to secure the border or otherwise conduct operations against armed invaders the national authorities would move to federalize the Guard and then either order them to remain in place under DoD control or move to another location. Obama's model is the Civil Rights era and the 1957 action by Eisenhower in taking the Arkansas Guard away from Orville Faubus. It does no good to tell me that it is a poor analogy because what matters is how Obama and his supporters see things. In theory the State could create a militia separate from the National Guard that does not rely on any federal money or equipment. Not only would that be difficult to do from a financial and organizational perspective but it would raise the real possibility of having federalized Guard troops ordered to confront non-federally approved State Militia. If the governor ordered the Guard to enter federal lands that are being used as sanctuaries by illegal aliens and criminal gangs that could also precipitate a confrontation.

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