Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Some become Urbane and others merely Urban

(who pointed out the poor manners of texters on the last BC thread)

At work the other day we were waiting for vans when one of us stepped over to answer a question from a motorist waiting at a light. One of the other employees, a guy who is not a chronological child but who likes to show off and prove what a big deal he is to impress the younger set, runs over and yanks on the rear door and then runs back to the curb laughing. I was visibly pissed and one of the kids gave me the "chill out, no big deal, none of your business" look. My instinctive or trained by my parents reaction was to think that if someone in the car had reacted by pulling a weapon then the jerk had placed myself and others in danger.

Later I was sharing with someone the point made on the Club that the Cash for Clunkers is a tax on poor people in that it subsidizes the upper middle class and removes used cars from the market that could be desired by working class drivers. The replies I got were "Most people are Middle Class" and "Poorer people shouldn't be driving anyway. They can't afford the gas and insurance." Most of them didn't even know that the cars were being destroyed and that it had been sold as a carbon footprint policy but they were determined to approve of anything that the Republicans disliked. Their strongest motivation seems to be more negative then positive.

Civilized behavior, the conduct needed to live in the civitas begins with teaching children to always look around and consider, that is be considerate, of how their actions might effect others. When children learn to not run around and bump into people and to shut gates after they go through then they begin to become civilized. I have heard the Walkman™ called an "anti-social device' because it trains people to ignore the human beings around them. The irony is that most of these self professed Socialists are profoundly egotistical and anti-social. They are Barbarians.

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