Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Take your medicine"

The best friends that The Republic have are the friends of Barack Obama and time. The face of the nomenklatura is now Howard Dean. This is good. The MSM got this crowd into power by keeping everyone focused on the smiling face of BHO and his post card children. It was like a hypnotism trick or a magician's sleight of hand. Michelle vanished for the election. Some very brave soul must have the job of being her keeper.

The more they try to do the more the public will get to see the mob, Dean, Emmanuel and a score of other hateful thugs slavering at the bit like wolves, and always hovering behind the curtain, Soros. Think about it, Howard Dean, the crazy Doctor, the failed candidate, the man who left his church because they would not give up land for a pet cause. We want the public to see more of him and remember why he was a loser.

They know that time is their enemy. That is why they desperately used lies and panic to ram through the Stimulus and seized the auto industry. They knew that if they didn't get someone as unqualified as Satomayor onto the SCOTUS fast they never would. They have to push the seizure of health care through before the second slump hits.

It is possible that the off year elections in ten weeks will show that the tide is running out for them.
Roderick Reilly,
That is excellent. We need to buy or build billboards everywhere. Right now CBS/Viacom has a lock on that industry. My idea is simple graphics, photos of Emmanuel and Dean one or two others (hold off on using Obama's image until he goes down another 10 points in the polls) with a stark slogan,
Merchants of Death.

The same tactic should be used with images of Dodd and Franks and Rezco and Gorelick. Their slogan,
Poverty Pimps.

Then watch the lawyers and local governments and media go crazy trying to shut it down.

The editorial from the NYT that ran the "General Betray Us" ad will be a joy to read. We could start writing it now ourselves for fun.

luddy barsen,
(who linked to a story of suicide advocacy at the VA from NRO)
Is there no peer review panel or state licensing board that can look at the doctor and pull his plug?

The difference between a Physician and a Veterinarian is that a Physician is sworn to preserve human life and a Veterinarian is sworn to relieve animal suffering. It looks like someone needs a career change but is to arrogant to admit their mistake so they want to make the rest of the world change to please them.

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