Friday, August 07, 2009

Comment on PJM, Ron Rosenbaum
"The best steak I ever had"

Getting back to a lighter note. It is important for us to occasionally appreciate a good steak for what it is. As Ziggy Freud may have said, a good cigar is sometimes just a smoke.

The best steak I ever had was when I was traveling across country as an Ensign some mumbled decades ago. Traveling cheap I stayed in BOQs and I ate at the Officer's Club at Offut Air Force Base. There I ordered the prime rib labeled on the menu as the "SAC cut." Shakespeare would be needed to do justice to that piece of meat. It must have veen 1½" thick and was simple perfection.

BTW, the BOQ was full up if I recall so they put me up for the night in Senior NCO housing at no charge. The Navy had no Bachelor Officers Quarters that were as opulent as the Air Force enlisted quarters. Amazing outfit, I understand they also fly planes.

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