Monday, August 03, 2009

Glamour has a new meaning
HT Theo Spark

I hear theme music when she smiles and my heart goes pitter pat.

buddy larsen,
(who noted that at least the Left can't abuse Laura Bush any more)

Laura Bush has grace and grit, she is OK.
Our host had a simple and elegant tribute to a Lady who passed away last weekend. We have had First Ladies in our democracy, including those whose politics I have deplored. Even in our theoretically egalitarian society they serve a vital purpose. They serve as a glue that holds the conversation together when passions threaten to break us apart. They serve as role models of how to handle pressure with grace, show compassion without demeaning, enjoy success without vulgarity. By all these standards we are being ill served and it is another sign of the poor judgement and questionable motives of those in power that they conduct themselves so badly.

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