Monday, August 17, 2009

On: "Pentagon Worries Led to Command Change"

Interesting WP article on the firing of Gen. McKiernan in Afghanistan. The WaPo tries mightily to spin things as an exoneration of Obama but the message is clear that political connections are all that count now.

The best comment I read was to the effect that we started this war with Clinton's generals and that Obama and company will conduct another purge in favor of the morally dubious who specialize in politically connected projects at the expense of combat capability. Right now BHO is throwing resources at the new team that the Congress would have fought giving the old team but there is no credibility in the American regime. The smell of defeat hangs over us and the allies that were cultivated by Bush and his generals, even as they carped and foot dragged, will now cut and run. The partisans of the left are shrill and desperate in their efforts to assign responsibility for their disasters to Booooosh.

The question that remains is what are the of new team like? Is McChrystal another Weasley Clark? Is he a good man who just wants his shot at getting a job done? Does anybody know?

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We need a moral purpose for our struggle here at home as much as the Pashtun do in Afghanistan. The thread about "Mad Men" was to me a discussion of, “What are we fighting for?” Any topic is instantly transubstantiated into a higher cause by being discussed in the Belmont Club. This place purifies by contact, Honi soit qui mal y pense.

Gay Talese related the story in The Kingdom and the Power of how appalled some people were by the Times' coverage of a tabloid ready scandal in New Jersey, complete with politicians, girlfriends and money. When challenged at a cocktail party with a "How could you?" a senior Timesman drew himself up and proclaimed, "When they do it, it is sex. When we do it, it is sociology."

Aug 17, 2009 - 8:34 pm

luddy barsen,
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Aww Gee, right back at you Big Guy.
Now if only I can get myself taken seriously by a man with a job, or at least money, or a woman with, well anything. That reminds me of my college roommate who one night yelled up at the ceiling, "Two eyes and a lung XXX. Two eyes and a lung. That's all I'm asking for." Considering who he ended up marrying he can't complain that the Lord wasn't listening.

Has anyone been following this story? Russia: Missing ship found, crew OK. Anyone in Hollywood who isn't seeing a movie in this should be fired. The "Pitch Session" could be right out of Robert Altman's The Player. "We can't miss, I'm thinking of Angelina Jolie as The Slippery SEAL."

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