Sunday, August 02, 2009

Russian Rhapsody?

For the past two days the Pajamas Media site has been experiencing constant connection problems with the server and peculiar problems with the commenting feature. At one time on The Belmont Club the server was loading the name and email address of other users into the boxes provided. The email is supposed to be confidential so this is a security breach. While that problem is not still happening it is still dropping connections and deleting the content of the user ID boxes after every submission or reload.

Is this a virus? A DDoS attack? A hack to collect site users email addresses? Could it be Gremlins from the Kremlin?

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Robohobo said...

re: Comment #130 @ Belmont Club concerning "Cash for Clunkers".

LoTM - I was born outside of the US to two 'natural born' citizens. I have commented about what I know of the applicable Federal law from a Federal Circuit judge who made me a naturalized citizen because I could not find my father.

I know that there are legit concerns about being distracted by the narrative of the 'birthers' from defeating The 0bamanation's policies of Fascism.

You should be able to see my email. Contact me there and maybe I can convince you that your position is not quite correct.