Monday, August 10, 2009

Comment on PJM, Jon Rosenthal
"The Trouble with Mary Robinson"

(who noted that Robinson allowed UN facilities to be used to help Saddam)
You raise an interesting point. Follow the money. Did Mary Robinson profit from “Oil for Food?” While the law practices of herself and her spouse may be successful it is unclear to me how she has obtained her considerable wealth. She is now part of the anti-semitic sewer that has been entrenched at Columbia University. The International Affairs school there under John Coatsworth has become an open sore. Who sponsored her? Who paid the bills and who benefits? Robinson represents a trifecta as she demonstrates the links between Columbia (where she is with Coatsworth and others who have drawn attention, as when Ahmadinejehad was invited and where there have been a series of anti-semitic incidents), Harvard (where both she and Obama went to law school), and Chicago (where both Obama and Coatsworth were employed).

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