Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Panics New York

It is hard to believe but that feckless idiot child ordered Air Force One to buzz the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.

That flight is crewed by active duty military. I would be willing to wager $1 that no Air Force officer would have done that maneuver except under direct orders from the President. If David Axelrod had told them to do it they would have told him to get stuffed. I have heard from someone who was there and saw it, they were hoping it was another distressed Captain Sully in the Hudson and terrified it was another 9-11.

This is reality, not a movie. Obama is like Tom Hanks in Big, he is pretending to be a responsible adult but it only an act. He resembles Don Ameche in Things Change, with his handlers desperate to pull off the subterfuge. Remember the tag line from the imbeccably liberal Ivan Reitman's 1993 film Dave?
In a country where anybody can become President, anybody just did.
Apparently it was a White House authorized photo-op. They had directed the NYPD not to inform the public. My criticism of Obama stands.
This is well covered on The Belmont Club blog,
And then I lit a fire to see if there was any gas left.

Conservatives when given the opportunity manage government with all the attention and professionalism of a snake handler extracting venom for use by the life giving Pharmacists in a laboratory. Liberals being naturally part of the jungle find it impossible to maintain the slightly adversarial posture needed to effectively supervise bureaucrats. It isn't even that the policy goals are always different in every case, a conservative could have approved the concept of a photo-op. The key is that a conservative would feel less of a sense of mutuality with organization and would have been more willing to challenge procedures at the risk of offending.

Sally Jones wants to do X, Sally has passed her hiring process (by someone else) and is assumed to know her job. Sally is a member of "Protected Classes" because she just happens to be 1. Female, 2. Minority, 3. Lesbian, and 4. Disabled. Questioning her could cost me my job therefore I will enter a memorandum into the record noting that she has submitted this plan and that all other concerned agencies have been contacted and have not expressed any objection.

I don't give a rat's rear end about how you feel about my asking, I'm your boss and before you do this I want to know what the Police Commissioner and the Mayor in NYC think about this operation. Also we have media geniuses working here. I want this cleared through them.

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