Monday, April 06, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club

ron hardin,
The national debt is also owed to the young, who inherit the bonds necessary to pay off the debt along with the debt.

You frighten me.
What you rob, you spend, and what you spend goes back to the people, so where's the robbery? I read that in one of my father's books.
Muriel Angelus as Catherine McGinty

That book should be in every home.
- William Demerast as Skeeters
in The Great McGinty
The only good news that I can offer is that the Justices of the Supreme Court most likely to retire are Ginsburg (age 76 and unwell) and Stevens (age 88). Someplace I heard a rumor the Souter is ready to retire, he always having been among the most retiring of men. They will all be replaced by hard left partisans but as they are already of the left that does not change the balance on the Court. Roberts, Alito and Thomas should be good for years. That leaves Breyer on the left, Scalia on the right and Kennedy who appears to enjoy the center. Our greatest risk is if Scalia at age 73 has to retire. Does anyone have any crystal ball that would tell them what Anthony Kennedy thinks of Obama's new post constitutional order?

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