Friday, April 03, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club

1) There is a real security threat, especially from China
2) After the ouster of the GM CEO and other extra-Constitutional acts Obama lacks the credibility to be trusted with such power. That is one reason why powerful people are careful to appear modest and downplay calls for panic. Actions have consequences and truly powerful people know that if they do not stoke panic they will build trust and the people will come to them when needed.

Big Dogs Don't Bark.

When arguing with a Moonbat of the left or a Wingnut of the right (not something I recommend in either case) it helps to try and force a logical test on them. For example assuming your worst case fantasies what should and should not happen in the eight most pressing policy issues. Agree on the top four for domestic and the same for foreign policy. If fewer then half the events happening track with your conspiracy theory then stop hyperventilating about side issues, even if you do have a line on corruption or other routine government abuse, clean yourself up and start acting useful. On the other hand if seven or eight of the top issues agreed on are playing out in accordance with the basement dwellers model then "Houston, we may have a problem."

So now we face another problem. How do we shove that unwashed Wingnut over to make room for us on the Shrink's couch?

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