Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Culture post of the day"

Regarding the Homeland Security report "Rightwing Extremism."
We saw this before under Clinton. Most things in this administration are a rehash of the Bubba years, except for the bits that are worse. There was much hyperventilating in the press about "right wing militias." Upon inspection they fairly uniformly turned out to be a collection of underachievers who would have a hard time taking over a corner pool hall. Unfortunately though the atmosphere did encourage, he was already unhinged, Timothy McVeigh. My advice is to keep doing the hard work of basic politics. Do not abandon the public square and do nothing that can be used to discredit the opposition.

CPT. Charles,
(who gave 2 reasons for the DHS report, to provoke and incite foolish speech by Republicans and to scare off Democrats from the Tea Parties)
Anyone who starts spinning calls for violence or racial theories should look in the mirror and know that they have let their enemy get within their OODA loop. Once they do that they can no longer be part of the public fight, they have effectively made themselves a casualty in the struggles to come. Also they have potentially damaged their host's club, which is bad manners.

(who is doubts a linguist's claim that English words are 10,000 years old)
Even 10,000 years ago they thought about Courage and Fear and Good and Evil, they looked at the stars and wondered and they saw a girl dance in a meadow full of flowers, and they believed.

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