Monday, April 13, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"As the world turns, and turns"

Square the circle. Send navy dentists to Somalia to pull their teeth out.
We should make Robert Byrd happy. Congress should issue a proper Declaration of War if Somalia does not accede to our list of demands. Make the list lengthy, make them submit to supervision under the Trusteeship Council and give up their seat in the UN. Also revoke all visas for Somali nationals in the US, except for a maximum of 50 in the H1-B fashion model category.

(who decried the abuse of language by politicians),
When they spend your money they call it an investment.

E. Nigma
(who called for Special Operations Forces to free the pirates' prisoners),
To do it right takes a little planning.
1. Get some enabling act through Congress to conduct Piracy suppression
     operations in Somalia and adjacent territories, note that no special
     authorization is needed on the High Seas.
2. Set up interdiction sites outside of the coastal ports where the captives
     are being held.
3. Disable a merchant ship or three that are being held for ransom.
     Let the owners scream, acts of war are not covered by insurance.
4. Rescue some prisoners held in a port, 4 days later repeat elsewhere,
     repeat again.
5. When they panic and try to escape inland with their hostages
     intercept them, head them off at the pass.

Gaffe Prices
(who said Obama is a fool for letting the media set his agenda),
The way to stop letting the noisy tail wag the dog is to start being a little asymmetric yourself. If we started to yank Saudi student visas and otherwise discovered all sorts of problems in any paperwork that some influential person who's wife's second cousin happened to be married to someone from Somalia wanted, for getting the occupancy certificate for their Minneapolis 7-11 for example, then there would be a lot less laughing and a lot more motivated people shutting down the Cash and Carry and Merchant's Bank of Ayda.

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