Sunday, April 05, 2009

Comments on Belmont Club
"The King's Shilling"

The power to tax involves the power to destroy - John Marshall

The game is rigged, the government sets the regulatory environment and the tax rate that create the conditions that impeded the bank's (and other firms) ability to raise capital and make loans or otherwise conduct normal business with a reasonable prospect of getting a fair return on the risk. That means that the corporations are not free agents entering into a voluntary contract for the Tarp money. The government then changes the regulations and claims that because of the presence of Tarp money, or maybe just because the banks and other corporations engage in interstate commerce, the government can ex cathedra void the rights of the owners and the Directors of these corporations. If Ward Churchill could sue because he was fired from a State College then Rick Wagoner should have a good case.

Are there no lawyers in America?

Yesterday I attended a meeting of my local Republican County organization. Really it was a candidates workshop and many useful topics were covered that all of us should keep a firm grasp on. I buttonholed my County Chairman to urge him to get excited about Acorn getting involved in the Census. That is a subject that any professional politician, who lives and dies by redistricting the same way that military professionals live for logistics, must take seriously. Please go to your local Political Party Club meetings, I know that they can be depressing with a half dozen very old folks and an egomaniac holding forth, and get involved. Please get to your local party officials, the County level is often the right place to start, and get them focused on the Census.

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