Friday, April 24, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Notes from all around"

Matt Beck (Man of the West),
What a prolix pile of steaming waste that was. There are grounds to worry about Goldman's judgement, if he really has a LaRouche connection I'd start there. What you have done is ex cathedra and without any reasoned argument condemned Neocons (read Jews), the Materialistic and Whigs (read Business/Jews), the Urbane (read Cosmopolites/Jews) and Economists and Intellectuals (read, Oh everyone gets the picture.) You then wander into a series of "He has probably..." assumptions. What is the Conservatism that you are left with? Sounds like Solzhenitsyn's mystical Czarism. No thank you.

Subatoi Bahdur,
Fear not if Barack H. Obama, or Truman Burbank, or Raymond Shaw, or any other personality he chose to exhibit, was declared ineligible or unqualified, the Constitution provides an answer. Joseph Biden remains the duly elected Vice President of the United States and in the event of a vacancy he would assume the office of the President. God help us all. If it was revealed that he was aware of Mr Obama being ineligible for his office before the election then that might lay Mr Biden open to an Impeachment charge. Those appointments, findings and other acts, that were made over Mr Obama's signature would be void but they could be reinstated in a matter of minutes.

Personally I do not believe that we do ourselves any good by dwelling on the possibility of Obama's ineligibility, as opposed to the certainty of his performance. The issue is no longer his qualification but his quality. After and if we get control of the government back into adult hands then one of the Amendments we can consider would be to remove the ambiguity from the election process that made it possible for person to pass through without proving their eligibility. The definition of citizenship and natural born must be made clear and the Court rulings that have denied citizens standing in these cases must be overturned.

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