Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"One more day"

I’ve said it before that my idea for a game changing Amendment would be one that says that no person can hold the Franchise to act as an Elector for any office at a level of government from which they derive the majority of their income, except for enlisted members of the armed forces and officers called to active duty for up to 4 years during a time of war or national emergency as declared by Congress. That means that state workers, including members of the teacher’s unions, would not get to vote in state or local elections and federal employees or contractors would not get to vote for Congress. It would probably also disenfranchise most prisoners.

Second proposal is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

Also no person who is not a properly registered voter should be allowed to expend on or contribute money to any campaign by any candidate for any office or question that will appear on any ballot conducted under the authority of the United States or any of them.

(who suggested forming a Congressional Conservative Caucus)
Unnecessary, since the liberals have almost all left the Republicans and the Democrats drove their conservatives out or they bolted long ago. Before Reagan both parties were big tents but that is no longer true. The Democrats did succeed in running candidates who looked more conservative than the Republican in several recent elections but as the metamorphosis of Gallibrand in NY shows it was often just cosmetics. Some moderate Democrats might help sustain a Republican maneuver in the House or a filibuster in the Senate but very few will change their caucus. The cost of joining the minority is enormous and they know that Pelosi and Rahm Emannuel will stop at nothing for vengeance. Also if they are anticipating that Acorn induced reapportionment will seal control for Move-On Soros Democratic machine then they have little incentive to defect to the Republicans or any new grouping.

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