Thursday, April 02, 2009

Comment on Belmont Club
"Murphy strikes again"

Once I read that the newly installed crisis phone rang and Kennedy picked it up and said "This the President." The voice on the other end came back, "The President? I was looking for a French laundry."

Of course the phone sex number was from a staffers address book list and the reason they are in full denial "That is my story and I'm sticking to it and Fox are all big doody heads" mode is not because of concern over security clearances or violation of the law. What the guilty party fears is ridicule by the aged 20 something staffers for being uncool and a loser or a witch hunt by those they fear more than Attorney General Holder's FBI, the feminist left who consider pornography violence against women and all male activity as rape. The progressives are far more regressive and puritan than the conservatives are.

Remember how the left were hugging themselves in glee in anticipation of Bush being embarrassed or acting boorish when his Yale class came to the White House, because one of them was a trans-sexual? Remember how flawlessly gracious Bush was? The woman who now calls herself Petra approached and said "Hello, George. I guess the last time we spoke, I was still living as a man" without missing a beat Bush replied to his guest "But now you're you."

Thread worthy, from NRO, The Corner.
The Shameful Disenfranchisement of the Military in New York’s Congressional Race by Hans A. von Spakovsky

The debasement of the voting franchise of the free citizenry by the use of fraud, corruption, alien registration, felon voting. absentee ballot manipulation, motor voter fraud and other means has become a major threat to the legitimacy of the constitutional order.

Jamie Irons (who graduated from Yale one year after George Bush),
All good schools are in slums, except for Stanford, blast them.

Of course he conducted himself properly with a guest. He is Prescott Bush's grandson. His Grandfather probably would not have wanted me as a Jew at his table but if I had shown up there it is my guess that I would have been charmed and left unaware of how much he disliked me.

Somebody must have liked him, he was Tapped. If you were class of '69 did you escape meeting Kerry?

Two thirds of a century ago my Father was a Squad Leader (Sergeant) but a few years older than most and unlike most enlisted men had been to college. The orders finally came for the invasion of North Africa so he found himself marching next to his Colonel (who 6 months earlier had been a bank Vice President) as the men moved to the waiting troop ships. My Father asked if he knew where they were going and got the reply, "Hell Charlie I don't know anything around here." One of the English girls who was standing on the curb waving to the departing Yanks called out, "Oh Colonel your unit is going to land at such and such a place on such and such a day." They did the paperwork.

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