Thursday, April 02, 2009

Comments on LGF
"They Got Us By the Gas Tanks"

Michelle grabbed the Queen and slipped her arm around her. He bowed to the Saudi and he grabbed Queen Elizabeth with two hands. Think of how many people the Queen has to shake hands with. It is a discourtesy to do more than touch fingers with her. That is not because of subservience but out of consideration for her physical safety, which is the basis of all true manners. The Obamas are ignorant bores.

re: #860 godfrey

How's this for spin? The Taliban are pro-sex:

New Afghan law
Much of Islamic law reads like a bunch of hopeless 15 year olds who could never get near a girl had sat around in the basement making up the laws they'd enact if they had ultimate power.

Yeah and then we'll say that everyone who gave us a wedgie is gay and we'll kill them by making them stand under a wall and we'll have a real big machine push it over on them. whaddya think?

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