Sunday, May 03, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"I will decide who gets what"

(on a thread that discusses inter alia art, Dali Bosch Picasso etc., and looming conflicts)
My watch hasn’t melted yet. One day a ship will pull into NY harbor with a container that was prepared in Iran and then many watches and things will melt. Why NY? Remember what BHOs Chicago neighbor and rival Jesse Jackson called The City, Hymietown.

(who approved of Obama's planned energy research agency)
Obama takes the D out of DARPA. The civilian benefits of Defense research are made possible because of the discipline in the management of the research community and the focus that ensured broad based support. ARPA-E is another boondoggle factory in the making. It isn’t that the projects are all inherently unworthy, it is that a government administered civilian research system is a wasteful way to achieve results. If you really want to get energy efficient technologies developed then double the defense budget. Naval Engineering is all about energy efficiency. Between DoD and the Market we could have hundreds of small safe sealed 10 Mw reactors being produced “like sausages” and new battery and fuel cell systems.

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