Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Alphonse, meet Gaston"

The US government compares unfavorably to an episode of “Are You Being Served?”

Regarding the future of Hamasistan, the Sri Lankans have shown the way. The Israelis, the Arabs, the Chinese and the Russians may simply decide to ignore the Americans. Netanyahu has a single problem now. He must convince the other serious players, that leaves out the US and EU, that Israel is more important than Iran. If he can do that then the Russians and Chinese will double cross the mullahs and the Iranian regime implodes. The alternative is Russia and China backing Iran and Syria resulting in a death struggle by Israel.

(re. China and Pakistan, Russia and Iran)
China also has interests in Iran, there is a contract for the gas fields. Russia is linked to China via the Shanghai Cooperation Council. While my first instinct or hope was that there would be a rivalry between them that the US or Israel could play to advantage I now think that they are acting in concert. Putin supports China and China opts for the Strike South. Israel has to convince China that she is not worth fighting and that Israel can support Chinese access to raw materials. If Obama and the Iranians have scared the Arabs enough then they may support Israel and then Netanyahu could pull it off. If you are right or Putin miscalculated then China should support Georgia vs. Russia in the Caucuses and Japan vs Russia in the Kuriles and start moving North.

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