Monday, May 18, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,

Even the head chopping functionaries of al-Qada claim that when they kill they seek to do so quickly without unnecessary suffering. The agents of “Peace Processes” have decoupled the Law from Justice, Reason or Humanity. The old Air Force motto “Peace Is Our Profession” aroused deep suspicion from soldiers and sailors given to more prosaic job descriptions. At my Code of Conduct lecture I was told that “Prepare to Conduct Prompt and Sustained Combat at Sea” was a lot of corporate crap. It was our job to “kill people and break things.” The fact is that, despite my teasing, the Air Force did its job. The UN, where Peace is a profession but not a job to be accomplished, has spread death and misery.

Remember that The March of Dimes was created as a charity to fight polio. America’s schoolchildren collected dimes during The Depression so that FDR could have a swimming pool. When Salk created a vaccine the March of Dimes faced a crisis and reinvented themselves after finding an incurable condition in Birth Defects. FDR’s swimming pool is now the White House Press Room.

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