Saturday, May 30, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,

Games on computers are designed with alternative story lines, why not movies? Collect audience feedback by an interactive device during the presentation and that changes the upcoming segments that are fed to the digital projector.

Some reviews can be written before the event. What is planned for this opus?
Last night Talluhlah Bankhead barged down the Nile as Cleopatra, and sank.

The Iowa class were extraordinarily beautiful, long low and slopped with four shafts they were the most graceful things on the water. I had the honor and pleasure of being the First Lieutenant Afloat when the USS England refueled from the USS New Jersey and stood there with Deck Division while we handled the lines.

Subotai Bahadur,
(who complained about Hollywood ignorance)
One question is whether the inaccuracies are do to ignorance or design? The Left believes, as thoroughly as The Party did in Nineteen Eighty Four that the message is reality and that the past can be changed. If the masses believe that Dick Cheney caused Global Warming or Freezing, or that George Bush was paid to allow the 9-11 attacks, because they saw it in a movie, then that is Reality. The only differences between the current hacks in Hollywood and the Blacklisted writers who had given us pro-Soviet propaganda such as North Star and Mission to Moscow are that today the directors have better special effects to play with and the effects of 70 years of public school indoctrination have crippled the critical thinking skills of millions of Americans.

The largest caliber gun the US Navy has is 5". The British have no guns larger than 4.5". If a modern Main Battle Tank is hit by such a round it really pisses of the tank crew who have to repaint it. These are all considered Medium Caliber Guns. Large Caliber Guns start at 6" The US Army does have 155mm, that is 6", guns but nothing larger. This is insane. Gunnery works, artillery is the Queen of the Battlefield. Air support is a ridiculously expensive way to drop ordnance on positions that could be handled by tube launched firepower. As I have said if the aim in war is to achieve a political, that is a psychological effect, then the ability to project massive firepower through the use of gunnery has an impact that no other conventional delivery system, except maybe massive wave attack B-52 plane carpet bombing, can match. If that psychological effect compels compliance then lives are saved.

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