Saturday, May 16, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Stop or I'll kill myself"

The bad news is that because of the wholly unnecessary coddling of LTTE terrorists by the West the government of Sri Lanka has found other patrons. We could not support destroying the Tigers because they were supported on occasion by India and the Indians are saintly, a movie said so. Also destroying the Tigers would set a bad precedent regarding other Marxist mass murdering terrorists, such as the Palestinians and their supporters in places like Pakistan, who are engaged in low level war with India, who are on the other side of the Sri Lankan conflict. At this point it is all to complicated for Western journalists or diplomats to follow and they adjourn for a liquid lunch.

The other patrons the Sri Lankan government turned to are the Chinese. They are building a major seaport in the country that will go nicely with the one they have built in Pakistan. While we dither and lose all influence over the actors and shove our military into the back of beyond the Chinese are locking up the Indian Ocean.


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