Thursday, May 07, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"Wink, wink"

Israel could decapitate the Syrian regime at any time with conventional arms. They could eliminate President Assad, his top 20 henchmen, and bury the two villages that the Alawites come from. They could do this with no notice and then tell the American Ambassador to go take a running leap at a rolling donut. Finally they could announce that if Iran does not unconditionally disarm then Israel will close the Hormuz Straits.

If I was the Israelis I would have buried shielded nukes in a dozen foreign cities years ago. Perhaps a leaked message to look under the public restroom in one of the Moscow subway stations would be how they should deliver the ultimatum. Could they have done this? Absolutely, and why shouldn’t they? The Chechens prepared for the Beslan assault by hiding their weapons within the walls of a school they were hired to build. Why shouldn’t that technique have been used by others?

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