Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"Air Force None"

I want to see the flight manifest. Who, besides active duty Air Force personnel, was on that plane?

Does the file cabinet marked Obama Memory Hole eventually reach critical mass?

From the last thread regarding Georgia et al, can anyone explain why the Baltics are folding? Armenia and Moldova are no surprise but Estonia and Latvia I thought would put up a fight The financial meltdown must have really taken the wind out of them.

(who is given to technical analysis predictions of disaster)
My absolutely worthless guess is that 18-24 months out we will be facing the perfect storm of inflation caused by the Porkulos and associated financial pressures, such as firms desperate to raise cash because of the tax and regulatory pressures, and wage pressures as card check and Acorn mobilize the masses. That will be accompanied by a second round of contraction as individuals and businesses horde cash and global instability drives down trade. Nuclear war threats do not encourage people to run out and get a plasma TV so they can see armageddon better. The text book says that anticipated inflation encourages spending before the value of the money depreciates but I think that the expectation of increased taxes, unemployment fears and a need to hold onto wealth in expected disorder to come will result in people spending less to hold some liquidity, maybe more will be converted to other stores of value, gold etc.

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