Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Comment on The Belmont Club,
"The bill"

(who complained that a hospital charged $273 for a Tylenol)
I feel your pain. A few weeks ago my wireless mouse needed to eat more batteries. At Home Depot I picked up the big pack of 48 AA in the g-d d-mn plastic clamshell. Cutting it open with the very nice blade I picked up at FLETC a year ago I slipped and cut my finger. It was bleeding so I walked over to the closest ER to see if I needed a stich. I told them explicitly that I had no job and no insurance. After a 45 minute wait a young doctor took a look, squirted a little water on it and said I was fine and he would note that I needed the lowest level of care. Before I left I reminded them of my status and asked for the bill if any and was told to just go home. A week later a bill for $1,100 for emergency room services showed up.

They can go hang themselves.

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