Sunday, September 19, 2010

Comment on Todd Henderson:
"We are the Super Rich" « Truth on the Market

We are the Super Rich « Truth on the Market

The really "super rich" are largely the Democratic Party or trans-national socialist plutocracy. They are protected by a web of lawyers and special connections. The point is and always was to rip wealth from the productive middle class.

This has always been the policy of aristocrats, they ally with the peasantry against the merchants and the monarchy. When the sovereign allies with the aristocracy against the middle it always results in disaster. See especially the English Civil War but also Rome, China and France.

Unfortunately in America with Obama the would be aristos captured the throne, and they are making a complete pig's breakfast of it.

BTW, As someone who lived for 10 years on and off in Hyde Park/ Kenwood, with time off for bad behavior, it is interesting that we have another neighbor and putative colleague of Barack Obama who does not know him. I took classes at the Law School, though I was not a law student, and I never heard of him. I was interested in local politics and never heard of him. Everyone on campus who cared in the least about the turmoil of the 1960s, which was most people, knew all about Bernadine Dohrn. On occasion I have had pleasant conversations with both John Boyer, who hired Michelle Obama, and Geoffrey Stone, who hired Barack without going through the normal faculty review process. They are both men of the Left secure in their positions.

This is not wingnuttery, I have spoken to people who had Obama's class at the Law School, so I know that he really existed. They spoke of his class as a painful and even embarrassing unintellectual experience. All this effort was exerted to promote and secure this undistinguished couple and prostitute the University at the behest of the Trustee Penny Pritzker.

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