Thursday, September 16, 2010

Comment on PJM: Ed Driscoll »
Well, So Much For Fixing Our Souls

Ed Driscoll » Well, So Much For Fixing Our Souls

My wildest conjecture is that one day we will discover that Michelle LaVaughn Robinson was the real player behind this political drama the whole time. Twenty years ago she hitched herself to Barack Obama just as the young and ambitious Hillary Rodham had hitched herself to Bill Clinton, each believing she had chosen an articulate mannequin. In Michelle's case the suit really is empty but in Hillary's life her stand in proved to be smarter and tougher than she is. This is of course a profoundly unfeminist and indeed reactionary way for an educated, in Michele's case an expensively but badly educated, and ambitious woman to deal with the world. The resulting tensions and contradictions from such a deceptive and humiliating charade must become intolerable. Perhaps when it all ends in tears the children will turn out to be actors in a Truman Show fantasy who go back to their real families.

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