Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Comment on NY Daily News:
"How Does The Mosque Play In Forest Hills? Check The Applause-Meter"

How Does The Mosque Play In Forest Hills? Check The Applause-Meter

Bloomberg is simply wrong on this. He is attempting to declare ex cathedra what the real issue is here. That makes the public even angrier. They are right in stating that the people behind this project can be legitimately investigated by the government.

If the KKK attempted to build a headquarters under the cover of a religious institution the government would stop them. If Reverend Phelps attempted to build a temple for his Westboro Baptist Church the government would use every tool available to frustrate him. Simply calling it a religious structure is not sufficient. If it is used to advance financial and political interests then the government can act to both regulate it and protect the people.

The importation of foreign sponsored organizations that engage in support for groups identified as hostile to the US, as the people behind the Cordoba Initiative have by their dealings with The Moslem Brotherhood, Hamas and the government of Iran, is something that can be stopped without intruding on the religious acts of law abiding residents.

Oddly the religious nature of the activity was played down by the supporters such as The Times in their insistence that it was really just a "Community Center." That actually strengthens the argument that this is not a religious but a political project. After all Obama himself was a "Community Organizer" so it is reasonable to consider that building a Center from which to organize a community should be considered a political activity.

The government is not to establish a religion. By supporting and championing this project the government is in effect establishing it.

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