Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Comment on Facebook | John Podhoretz
"It's like Stalin winning the Lenin Prize"

Facebook | John Podhoretz It's like Stalin winning the Lenin Prize: Rashid Khalidi to Deliver Edward Said Memorial Lecture

When Khalidi and you and me were all at Chicago I knocked on his door because I was doing something for of all people John Mearsheimer on the Arab-Israeli wars. My opening was "I need to have this explained from someone on your side of the fence. How could they set themselves up for failure like this?" We spent a fine half hour together and he was clear courteous and logical in going over the social and cultural impediments to success in the Arab world, without conceding anything of a political or policy nature. The dominant campus culture then stressed collegiality and old fashioned professorial courtesy. My impression is that things have changed.

John Mearsheimer is right now teaching a course on Zionism.

In the best suppressed "The ought to be a law" file we can consider stating that all persons granted a contract with over 5 years of tenure protection should be banned from voting or engaging in political activity outside of their academic workplace.

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