Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comment on PJM, Roger L. Simon »
"Poetic Justice — Will a ‘Worm’ Destroy A-jad?"

Roger L. Simon » Poetic Justice — Will a ‘Worm’ Destroy A-jad?

One problem is that America and Israel being modern complex networked societies are more vulnerable to electronic warfare, including worm attacks, than are more technically primitive places. It is good that Israel has the talent to develop cyber weapons. It is bad that we lack adequate defenses and may well suffer more than our enemies in the ensuing conflict.

Thousands of moslems study information systems and networking in the Gulf States, Europe or America. Some of them seek to do us harm. Many thousands of skilled but underemployed computer engineers in the former Soviet Union engage in malicious practices, even if it isn't their government's policy to encourage them as it well may be. In essence Russia is a society that was stripped of its moral foundations by communism and is now a Hacker's paradise. Large numbers of Americans have been similarly damaged by the ideology controlled organs of education and media but given the technical tools to do harm. They drift into Socialism, Nihilism, Anarchism or Islam. China has entire PLA Divisions devoted to mapping the western grid and testing it in preparation for offensive operations.

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