Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Comment on NY Daily News
Attorney General Eric Holder calls Rev. Terry Jones' 'International Burn-a-Koran Day' 'idiotic'

Attorney General Eric Holder calls Rev. Terry Jones' 'International Burn-a-Koran Day' 'idiotic'

Eric Holder has proven to be an incompetent sustained by the very momentum of his accumulated failures. Surprised only that Obama and the Dems have not tried to find some safe place offstage to retire him to. The World Court comes to mind but they may be saving that for Obama himself to parachute into.

This minor Florida preacher has struck a nerve because he exposed the hypocrisy of Islam's apologists. Given that the core of Islam is Mohammed's slanderous charge that Jews are "Hypocrites," and therefor subject to any form of violence, humiliation and deceit to achieve their subjugation to the Ummah, anything that exposes the real hypocrisy of the Islamists and their apologists strikes a nerve that resonates with the public.

The same process applies to the Ground Zero Mosque debate. The hypocrisy of the Islamists in demanding this project at this location to open on 09-11-11 when no churches or synagogues are even allowed in Saudi Arabia and the Greek Orthodox church destroyed on 09-11 is yet to be rebuilt is instantly obvious to the public.

The subtle issues involved in competing Free Speech positions are hard to establish. The public marketplace will over time allow the wisdom of the crowd to validate who is a selfish crank and who is bringing a real message. Mayor Bloomberg is on the one issue of the FL Koran burning correct. The public would be more sympathetic to his position if public money was not used to support actions that are meant to denigrate symbols important to majority. There is not an equivalence between the FL preacher burning a Koran and "Piss Christ" or the Ground Zero mosque because the latter are not in fact purely private efforts. They rely on the support and complicity of public agencies and in the case of the mosque foreign governments.

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