Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comments on PJM
No Meddling With Iran
… But Oh, Those Settlements!

P. David Hornik does a nice summary of the facts regarding the legal status of the disputed territories and Israel's settlements. For over 60 years the enemies of a jewish state have relied on rejection as a strategy. The response must be that actions have consequences. Refusal to make peace now must mean that you get less later. The Tamil Tigers rejected peace offers, they do not get to roll the clock back and demand a "do over." The enemies of Israel do not deserve a "do over."

The Dry Bones cartoon blog summed this up a week ago better than words can.
Obama's 3AM Phone Call
The refusal of many American Jews to recognize Obama for what he is reminds me of a term used by the Jesuits, "Invincible Ignorance."

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