Saturday, June 27, 2009

Comments on The Belmont Club,
"The Cordon Sanitaire"

It is a third of a century since Howard Hughes died.
Old stories keep coming back.

oMan and gokart-mozart,
(who decried chaos in big business and the CDC respectively)

Part of what you are seeing is the effective nationalization of the corporate world. Liberals used to hyperventilate about the Corporate Culture and how it was invading government, in the Air Force, or education, in the "factory school." The truth is that the flow has gone in the other direction. EEO regulations have been designed to make every firm that employs more than a handful of people mimic federal HR policies with detailed job descriptions and explicit evaluation and promotion criteria that eliminate all subjective standards. The fact that those subjective factors as evaluated by an experienced authority are what determines the success or failure of an enterprise is irrelevant to the bureaucrat.

In the Federal service it is a given that GS-15s and above work late and on weekends because that is when all the GS-5s-9s are gone and you can actually walk down the hall and talk to Joe.

About a dozen years ago I ran a small work center at my university. One of the students that I employed was an affirmative action pre-med (he said he was) whose ambition in life was to become an Epidemiologist at CDC. Two questions come to mind. Did he know BHO? Is he the kid who now can't answer your question?

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